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From: Doug Scuba
Subject: FACE IN THE MIRRORIt was that face in the bar mirror I remember. The blond hair, lolita preteen pics gallery
combed. Those eyes, squinting and at the same time piercing. The half smile
-- and the unspoken invitation for me to turn around.The bar tender was now in front of me and I lost contact with those eyes in
the mirror. "What'll you have?" and I replied to the bar tender, "Two Miller
Lites, please, if they are really cold." Two bottles were in front of me and
I once again saw those eyes, and this time felt something nudge my right
calf. I pressed my calf against the nudge.I fumbled for my wallet and plunked the cash on the bar, grabbed the two
bottles of beer and turned around to face whom I hoped would be a great new
friend. "Miller Lite ok?" I asked. He looked surprised, and said, "Sure ---
thanks a lot." He offered me his hand, and I held it, looked into his eyes
that were now almost laughing, and said, "You are more than welcome -- and
there's more where that came from."We were still holding hands when he said, "Thanks, but we've got more at my
place, if you like." I smiled, grabbed a half dollar from my pocket, turned
around, added it the money alreaady on the counter, and grabbed my new
friend by the arm as we slipped out of that bar.I have remembered that night all these years, and clung to each detail of
that evening. Nothing close has happened to me since. It was San Francisco
and the bar was not all that far from the Purple Onion. My ship was in
drydock at Hunter's Point. The Kingston Trio was live at the Hungry Eye.
Damn, that's fifty two years ago this summer. I was twenty two then.It is too true that you never know what events will stick in your mind, but
that meeting of eyes in the mirror in the bar began an experience I can
never let go.This was my second visit to that bar, and I was pleased with myself that I
was able to find it. One of my buddies aboard our ship had loaned me his car
so I could drive over to San Francisco this Saturday night. Two weeks
before, an old college friend, Richard, introduced me to this interesting
bar. We had been classmates in Atlanta, but now I was in the Navy, and he
was studying at Stanford and living in Palo Alto.Sticking close to Richard that night, the first thing I saw as we walked in
off the street was a kiss that excites me still -- not only was it new for me
to see two guys kissing, but one was Paul, a young fellow officer on my
ship. I squeezed Richard's hand and whispered, "We need to get out of here."
I could only let on I saw someone I knew and preferred not to be seen.
Richard was only showing me the gay side of San Francisco, but I was not
open to sharing all my feelings with him. Face it, I was deep inside the
closet.Paul and I ran into each other a few days later aboard ship. We were in the
passageway outside the wardroom and he had grabbed my arm and said, "Doug, I
was surprised to see you last Saturday, and I know you were surprised to see
me. I want you to know I would love to be doing something with you, but I
made it a rule not to get involved with shipmates." I could only stammer,
"Paul, I understand and feel the same way." We winked at each other and went
our separate ways. I could say nothing more about this to Paul or anyone
else aboard ship, and I was not ready to share this with Richard. But I sure
was looking for a chance to revisit that special bar and maybe discover a
secret of my own.So there littel lolita sexy pics I was -- walking out of that bar with the guy who had now had
completely seduced me with whose eyes in the mirror and that nudging of my
right calf. Our fingers were busy exploring, and our hands were heating up.
"I'm Bill," he preteen lolita girls bbs said. I did not know what to say. I did not want to give my
name. This could be a set up. Our hands were so comfortable little pussy lolita 12 with each other,
one squeezing the other. "I'm Doug and I am new at this.""Happy to be with you, Doug," he encouraged. "My place is really close. I
live by myself." He pulled to the left, and we climbed a short flight of
steps to a massive front door. He let go of my hand as he tinie girl naked lolita fumbled for his
door key, found it and opened the door. "C'mon in," he urged. He grabbed my
hand again and I followed him into the front hall way. It was dark. He found
the door to his apartment just to the left, and he opened this door. Once
inside, he pulled me close, and we kissed. We could not open our mouths wide
enough to accept the other as fully and completely as our building passions
wanted. Our hands were groping, fondling, and then opening buttons, pulling
zippers. My right leg was wrapped around him, and we could not bring our
bodies close enough.Bill broke the kiss and whispered, "Doug, let me get some lights turned on."
We kept our eyes on each other as we undressed, and removed our shoes and
socks. Bill had a double bed, and we were kissing and rolling together as we
lay down with each other. "Doug, tonight I am going to give you a `round the
world.'" And, I had no idea what he meant but was determined that I would
respond fully and openly. I felt an enormous desire to give this Bill as
much pleasure as I knew he wanted to give me. "Shut your eyes, Doug."I could sense Bill was squatting with my head between his legs. His toes
were by my ears. His uncut cock partially hard and his swinging balls were
somewhere behind me -- and I was wondering what next. I was trembling with
anticipation.He bent forward so we could kiss. Bill's open mouth covered mine and never
before had I experience an "up side down" kiss like this. His nose was
touching my chin, and my nose was grazing his chin. I was aware that our
tongues had complete and total access to each other. He and I breathed each
other's breath, and kissed deeper and deeper. Bill had promised me a "round
the world" but I did not want to stop our kissing. I had no idea where this
up-side down kissing would go.Bill began to pull away, and my mouth immediately craved his mouth again. He
began to unfold over me. His teeth were teasing my right, then my left
nipple. I looked up and found his nipples accessible to my teeth, and I
nibbled as he nibbled. As he continued to straighten his body and move over
mine, his tongue explored my navel -- and I could not help but tickle his
navel with my tongue. Bill's hands were exploring, and while holding me in
an embrace, he fondled the cheeks of my ass. I could do no less than follow
his lead.He was kissing me on my legs -- everywhere but sucking my throbbing and
anxious cock. I looked up and saw his beautiful uncut cock close to my
mouth. I kissed him between his legs and sucked his balls one at a time. He
had mine in his mouth. Suddenly he took my cock all the way, and I took him
as deeply as I could. I did not want to gag. I felt his lips against my
pubes, and I wanted to brush my lips deep in his fur."This must go on with Bill forever," I told myself. But, if it continued any
longer, I littel lolita sexy pics was going to cum fast. Bill must have had the identical thought as
he stopped sucking, and withdrew from my mouth, to say, "Doug, let's not cum
too soon. Cuddle and rest so we can cool down and start again later."This time we embraced and kissed deeply while our arms held us tightly
together and our fingers played with each other's tits. We agreed, we could
drop to sleep this way. The urgent desire to cum faded, and we returned to
our mutual sucking position. This time, Bill kissed my legs and sucked my
toes. Good grief! I could endure the tickling and wanted to return the
gesture by kissing Bill the same way. Bill worked his way up and suddenly
his tongue was penetrating my pucker hole. I had never experienced this
before, and could not imagine my doing the same, but before I knew it, my
tongue was deep inside Bill's pucker hole. Soon we devoured each other's
hard and oozing cocks -- but not for long as we took another rest."This time," Bill said, "I think we should cum and when we have captured
each other's juice, would you kiss me so we can share what he have?" I could
not imagine taking man juice into my mouth -- another man's much less my own.
But if this is what Bill wanted, this must be what I want too. I did not
want to remove his fantastic cock from my mouth, so I made some kind of
sound to say, "Yes!!!"Before long, we were pumping faster and deeper into each other's throats,
and I could feel Bill shooting as I began shooting into his mouth. We kept
sucking each other until we were both soft and had no more drops of juice to
give. We turned, keeping as much full body contact as we could, and our
mouths hungrily found each other and we were kissing deeply and swirling the
fluids in our mouths as we exchanged and drank from each other.We were in a tight embrace, our bodies glazed with the heat of perspiration,
and our mouths remained one as we relaxed, and with no further discussion,
dozed. Our sleep was light and broken. "Bill, I wonder if we could lay in a
69 position so that if I wake during the night, I can suck you while you
sleep -- and, if you, want, you could do the same to me.""That would be awesome, Doug." So, again, with maximum body contact, we got
into position, and took the other's limp cock into his mouth. Our hands were
holding each other by the ass cheeks to remain close. Our bodies felt
fantastic as we were both hot and wet. We slept.I was beginning to awaken with a strong desire to suck Bill, when I felt
Bill sucking me. With our lips tightly against each other's pubes, each cock
responded and grew and wended its way down the other's throat. Soon Bill was
pumping and I too was pumping. We were moving faster and harder yet gently
and firmly. Bill and I shot together, and kept together as each cock again
became soft. We were soon asleep again with our mouths keeping each cock
comfortable and warm. Bill's cock was now mine, and my cock was all his.Too little lolita preteen movies
soon it was morning, and it was time for cleaning up and breakfast.
Bill told me he worked for a can company and hoped to learn something he
could use in his father's business. His dad owned a Louisiana canned goods
company and today I see young petite nymphet loli his name on their products every time I go grocery
shopping. I told Bill I was in the Navy and had to keep this kind of
encounter quiet. I asked Bill when we could get together. I knew if he asked
me to live with him, I would come out of the closet and be his lover
forever. "Doug," he said, "I'm a one night guy. My thrill is making the
conquest of an attractive guy once. I am sorry. You are the best."It was Sunday morning, and lolita preteen pics gallery I needed to report back aboard ship. I thanked
Bill, made sure I had all my things, that I looked decent and neat, and
headed out to the street to find my car parked a few blocks away. I drove
back to the Navy Yard fighting back the tears.From then on, Bill became a fantasy. Most nights before I went to sleep, I
let my mind take me back to that bar with the mirror. I always fell asleep
before the part where Bill tells me this is a one-night only affair, and I
did not bring that memory to the fore until lolita preteen pics gallery
I wrote this story. There are no
tears tonight. I have enjoyed Bill in my memory, and have had many an orgasm
imagining we were together.THE ENDThis is my first attempt at writing a short story and I have to thank Scott
T for his shepherding and encouragement.
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